Motorola Puts Finishing Touches On Android Lollipop Update For First Gen Moto G

Three months after Motorola began rolling-out Android 5.0 'Lollipop' to its unlocked Moto G second-gen devices, it looks like owners of the first-gen model are soon to be treated to the latest Android sweetness. A good hint to this is a message I received about eight days ago, which MobileSyrup has now also relayed:

Moto G Lollipop Upgrade Message

As it goes with these things, it's impossible to tell just when we'll see the update hit the devices, but given the timing, I'd have to assume that it'd be soon - as in, the next week or two. I received this message eight days ago as I mentioned, so it doesn't really seem like it'd be much longer before owners get the update message. I, for one, can't wait, as the only Lollipop experience I've had so far has been with NVIDIA's excellent SHIELD tablet.

If you own a first-gen Moto G and haven't received a message like the one above, you'll want to make sure that your device is completely up-to-date, with Motorola Update Services in particular being an important component. On that software's product page, it's also mentioned that the Moto E is included with this update, although it's not clear whether that means both devices will receive the update at the same time.

I've been anxiously awaiting this update since Lollipop's official release, so I say bring it on!