Logitech Z-2200, MS S+arck Mouse and More

Good morning everyone, welcome back to HH :)  I was away last week at an Intel sponsored press event which was showing casing some very swank products.  With DMA's, HTPC's and Peripherals coming out the yin yang, I was right at "home."

 Logitech Z-2200 Speaker Review @ The Tech Zone

"Take Logitech's award winning top of the line Z-680 5.1 speakers, remove the center speaker, rears speakers, surround sound break-out box and you will have the Logitech Z-2200. Logitech markets the Z-2200 as a THX certified speaker system which sounds great for people who doesn't understand what THX is all about. Those who do know what THX is about will know that having a THX stamp doesn't mean much anymore. This doesn't mean the Z-2200 sound bad or don't perform well. On the contrary, these are among the best multi-media speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to."

 Microsoft S arck Mouse @ TechFreaks

"Computer mice have become more advanced over the years, transforming from the simple corded two-button balled mouse to a behemoth featuring no wires, twenty optical lasers, and an assortment of buttons that no one will ever amount to use them all. Each new advancement brings a new technology, new features, and, most importantly, new (and strategically placed) buttons. With the newest addition out of Redmond, it appears Microsoft has taken a step back to create a simple yet appealing mouse for the common user. Teaming up with world renowned designer, Philippe Starck, Microsoft has created a mouse with appearance the top priority."

 Cooler Master AquaGate (Internal / External) water cooling kit @ ClubOC

"The stigma that once surrounded water cooling is beginning to fade away as the idea finally gains popularity and momentum which has translated into ready made kits showing up on retail shelves. While the water cooing kits of yesterday were constructed out of parts found at the local Pick & Pull automobile junk yard, the kits of today are built with quality construction in mind and even have warrantees against defects in craftsmanship. The possibilities of leaks and other disastrous mishaps are still a very real possibility, but with a little care and double-checked labor, water cooling can be safer than cooking your own dinner. The AquaGate from Cooler Master represents a very innovative design that separates from many of the External Only setups and gives the users OPTIONS to install the unit internally as well."

 PowerColor Radeon 9800 Platinum Edition @ Bjorn3D.com

"Today we are looking at the PowerColor RADEON 9800 Platinum Edition. For those that don't know, Tul owns the PowerColor brand and is the third largest provider of ATI-based graphic cards. The company makes very competitive products that are known all over the world. Although the RADEON 9800 has been around for some time now, this card is something totally different -- and I do mean it."

 OCZ EL DDR PC3200 Platinum Revision 2 @ HardcoreWare

"Today we're reviewing OCZ's latest entry to their upper-middle-range "Platinum" line of DDR products. This is actually the second revision of their EL PC3200 product. They managed to get the timings about as low as possible - 2-2-2-6. Wow. So you know you have the lowest timings available with these, but what about overclocking? Well if you plan on OCing, you're going to have to bump the timings up a bit. But once you do, you'd be amazed at the headroom you have with this memory!"

 Ultra UV Fans and CCFLs @ Viper Lair

"Ultra Products' UV line is in line with the competitions when it comes to quality and UV reactiveness. Everything is brightly lit once the UV lights are turned on. Ultimately, it's going to come down to price and availability, not to mention if UV-based products is something you desire."

 SilverStone Temjin TJ01 ATX Case @ LAN Addict

"Looking at the overall functionality of how these cards are held in place, I was disgusted. For a $75 dollar case I was truly shocked how low grade this was. Obviously the chassis was an after thought when SilverStone was designing this computer case. Most nice cases these days don't force you to punch out each card slot you intend on using, and furthermore the method of securing these cards forces us to wonder what on earth they were thinking. Obviously SilverStone was considering their pockets over their product. I can't think of any other reason to use so many shortcuts."

Time for this guy to get to work. I will "see" you later tonight :) - Cheers

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