Logitech Unveils G309 Wireless Gaming Mouse With 300-Hour Battery For Just $80

Black (top view) and white (bottom view) Logitech G309 mice on a blue gradient background.
Logitech's arsenal of gaming mice just expanded with the release of the G309 Lightspeed, a wireless rodent with a battery that's rated to last nearly two weeks of non-stop usage (including gameplay) before needing to be recharged. That's in 2.4GHz mode. Flip over to Bluetooth and the rated battery life doubles to 25 days of non-stop usage.

The battery life ratings are in hours—Logitech says the G309 "offers over 300 hours of continuous gameplay" on a single AA akaline battery, which equates to 12.5 days, and 600 hours (or 25 days) in Bluetooth mode. We don't have this mouse in-house to test Logitech's claims, but if they hold true, the actual time between recharges should be much longer, since nobody's using their PC for that many consecutive hours (nobody should be, anyway).

Beyond the battery life, the G309 Lightspeed is notable for including Logitech's excellent Hero 25K sensor sporting a 25,600 DPI with no acceleration or smoothing gimmicks. This is presumably the same sensor as found in several of Logitech's higher end gaming mice like the G502 X Plus we reviewed. It also features a 400 IPS rating.

One of other selling points is Logitech's Lightspeed tech. Gamers are able to connect up to two Lightspeed devices to a single wireless receiver. That may not matter a whole lot if you have a desktop PC with a boatload of USB ports, but for compact builds and/or gaming laptops where USB ports are a more limited commodity, being able to consolidate multiple wireless devices (like a mouse and keyboard) to a single dongle is a boon.

Logitech G309 Lightspeed gaming mouse with the cover removed and a battery hovering above, on a light blue background.

The G309 is a lightweight gaming mouse that checks in at just 86 grams, and it achieves a feather-light status without punching a bunch of unsightly (in this editor's opinion) holes into the chassis. That said, the design appears to be ambidextrous, but the thumb buttons are located on the left side, meaning only right-handed gamers need apply.

Speaking of buttons, there are half a dozen of them in all, each of which is customizable through Logitech's G Hub software.

It's a promising mouse overall, and with a price that's refreshingly well below the $100 mark—you can buy the Logitech G309 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse now for $79.99 on Amazon in black or white trim.