Lian-Li Launches new PC-A77 Full Tower Chassis

There's no question, if you asked us for the name of one manufacturer that started the whole high-end all aluminum chassis revolution, we would offer that Lian-Li is that company.  They've been punching out great designs with that brushed metal look for a very long time now.  Today, something new just came over the wire from Lian-Li that we thought we'd share with you.  A new full tower has arrived...

Keelung, Taiwan – Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched the PC-A77 full tower case incorporating outstanding quality with a clean simple style.  Standing at 220mm x 595mm x 590mm (W,H,D), with every part of the front cover decked out in 5.25” bays. In total, 12x 5.25” bays which can support all your ODD needs, alternatively they can be stacked with HDD’s via the internal HDD cages. The blue lit LED fan speed monitor surveys the temperature zones diligently and determines the best speed for your fans, keeping your rig cool and well ventilated. The hair-line brushed anodized aluminum comes in metallic or a black finish, combined with finely filed edges, hand crafted tooling and special kits to prevent jagged edges from catching, and lends both safety and elegance to this neat customizable case.  Anti-vibration couplings are integral to the structure and concept, with silence and convenience foremost in the design.


The 12x 5.25" bays, all accessible from the front give you the freedom to adjust the two modular HDD racks within the case to virtually any position and height. The removable motherboard tray, with extra holes for added cooling supports E-ATX, ATX and micro ATX form factor motherboards. There are 7x PCI slots, with a grill structure to improve air through flow. The VGA support bracket can reduce stress on the VGA components, with added space for extra length VGA cards up to 395mm long...  

The PC-A77 has water pipe access holes, should you wish to use them. The structure is very customizable, and almost any aspect can be removed, and upgraded, including the top cover, which removes very easily. The HDD cages are also easy to use and tool-less. The HDD’s will fit snugly with rubber housings on thumbscrews used to mount the HDD’s. This is to prevent movement and vibration from spreading throughout the chassis.

Via:  Lian-Li
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