Leaked Samsung Galaxy S21 Retail Packaging Confirms These Rumored Omissions

Samsung Galaxy S21
In just a few more days—January 14, the last day of this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES)—Samsung will host its Unpacked event, starting at 10:00am Eastern (7:00am Pacific). At this point, we have little doubt the company will unveil its much-anticipated Galaxy S21 series of flagship phones (which might actually be cheaper than their predecessors), and there are reason to be both excited and disappointed.

Starting with the former, flagship launches from the likes of Apple and Samsung are typically intriguing. Upgraded cameras, faster processors, new features, and usually a few surprises are common when either company launches a new round of top shelf smartphones. The Galaxy S21 series is not likely to be an exception to this rule.

However, the folks at WinFuture managed to get their hands on they claim are official press renders from Samsung ahead of the event, some of which show the retail packaging. One of the renders details what comes in the box when buying a Galaxy S21 phone. You get a quick start guide, USB Type-C data cable, and an ejection pin.

Curiously missing is any mention of a power adapter. Samsung is taking a page from Apple by omitting a power adapter, ostensibly to reduce waste based on the assumption that customers already own a power supply, and because wireless charging is such a popular feature these days.

Both are valid, but let's not ignore that this is also a cost saving measure, and an opportunity to sell power adapters—Samsung charges $50 for a 45W USB-C fast charging adapter. It's also possible that Samsung unveils new power docks/adapters (wired and wireless) during its Unpacked event. Rumor has it one of power adapters will feature two or three USB ports to charge more than one device at the same time.

It seems Samsung is also completely moving away from including headphones when buying a flagship phone. This is likely at least partially motivated by the pending launch of new wireless earphones, specifically the Galaxy Buds Pro. Incidentally, it's rumored Samsung will include its new earphones when preordering a Galaxy S21. So, fingers crossed.