Leadtek PX6800 TDH(SLI) PCIe, Speeze Coppersnake 3, and more!

Hey folks, how is everyone doing this morning? Me? Well, there's a lot of snow on the ground... new snow, that needs to be removed soon(unfortunately). But before I get to that, I must empty the news box. If you happen to be checking in for the first time today, Jeff has given us a preview of ATI's HyperMemory technology, so check it out if your interested in ATI's answer to Nvidia's TurboCache. Enjoy the rest of the news :)

Leadtek PX6800 TDH (SLI) 256MB PCIe Videocard @ PimpRig

"Like I stated earlier, the RAM on this card is spec'd to run at 350MHz but comes stock clocked at only 300MHz. I used Nvidia's excellent built-in auto overclock function after applying the good old coolbits registry hack and ended up with a surprising 420MHz for the GPU (stock was 325MHz) and 413MHz for the RAM."

NZXT Nemesis and Nemesis Elite ATX Case Review @ 3DXtreme

"Nowadays the Case that is used is just as important as the individual parts that are installed into it. NZXT offers some of the most unique looking Cases on the market while never leaving the product feel stripped of useful features. These new Cases add to the ever growing product line at NZXT.com."

Intel 660 3.6Ghz & 3.73Ghz Extreme Edition 64bit Pentium 4 @ Tweaknews.net

"With Windows x64 Edition nearing its' full release date, Intel has released their 64bit capable 6XX and Extreme Edition line of processors to tackle the new 64bit challenge and the nice thing is if you own a Intel(R) 925XE Express or i915 based chipset motherboard, 64bit computing is only a processor and a BIOS flash upgrade away."

PowerColor Theater 550 Pro Review @ OCModShop

"Upon coming to my senses a moment later, I realized that since the primary video card in the PC is used for the actual output, there isn't any need to include any on the card itself. Another nice thing I noticed was that there is no need to connect the card to anything but the PCI slot itself. All audio and video signal feeds are passed directly thru the PCI subsystem."

Speeze Coppersnake 3 @ HardwareHounds.com

"First of all, i just wanted to point out that Speeze has some of the coolest names for Heatsink/Fans (HSF) i have ever seen. This model is designed for the Intel Pentium 4 and it is called the Coppersnake III. Gone are the days of product numbers. Now, even our HSF have names!"

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