Watch Last Of Us Transformed Into A First-Person Shooter With This Incredible Mod

lastofus firstperson pistol
When a big console game finally comes to PCs, three things happen in roughly this order: PC gamers complain about the port, hackers tear it to pieces, and then modders go to town, creating unique experiences you won't find on the console versions. Case in point: a new mod for The Last of Us Part 1 that turns the gritty survival action title from a detached third-person experience into an immersive first-person nightmare.

Camera perspective, particularly first- versus third-person, has always been a divisive topic among gamers. There are reasonable arguments for both sides. Some players prefer the improved immersion and more natural feeling of a first-person perspective, while other players prefer the realistic area awareness and ability to appreciate your character model offered by a pulled-back camera.

lastofus firstperson shotgun

The Last of Us takes place in a dark, dreary, and dangerous world, and the third-person perspective can help the player avoid the creeping panic that can easily set in when sneaking around to avoid zombies and hostile humans. Moving the game into first-person removes that extra buffer, and it looks like it can make the action all the more brutal and horrifying.

We say "looks like" because we haven't actually tried the mod for ourselves. In fact, no one has outside of the creator. We're not even sure the mod actually exists in a form that could be conveniently shared. The videos demonstrating the game played in first-person are described by the creator as "concept showcases", and they are almost entirely combat gameplay in a single level of the game.

lastofus cutscene
Cutscenes aren't yet affected by the mod.

It would be possible to create such a video using camera hacks and control tweaks, so we're not actually clear how much "modding" is happening here. The author describes the gameplay as such, though, and says that the mod is a "work in progress". There is a bit of animation strangeness visible in the videos, and neither cutscenes nor scripted events (like Joel boosting Ellie up over a bus) are affected.

Voyagers Revenge, the creator of the videos, remarked in a YouTube comment that he'll be posting a "deep dive" video on the mod today, but it hasn't appeared on the channel yet. Whether the mod ever actually gets released or not, the videos are an enticing glimpse of a game that could have been, as well as a solid argument in favor of the idea that more games should take a page from Bethesda's book and offer both first- and third-person modes.