The Last Of Us Part 1 Patch Is Here To Fix PC Port Issues, Radeon Driver Update Too

Ellie and Riley with raised hands in The Last of Us Part I.
It's fair to say the The Last of Part I on PC is disappointing a lot of games. One only need look at the 'Most Negative' rating on Steam out of more than 9,000 user reviews. What's been deemed by many as a shoddy port has left PC gamers frustrated with a litany of issues, including long shader compile times, game crashes, and more. Fortunately, developer Naughty Dog is aware of the outcry and has released a patch to address some of the bugs.

We wrote about the underwhelming response on Steam yesterday but to quickly recap, a lot of players with modern hardware are angry at the state the game released to PC. To be fair not all of the user reviews are negative. However, even owners of high-end GPUs including NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 4090 are running into problems running the port.

Naughty Dog acknowledged the frustration and has posted a list of known issues that it's working to resolve, such as shaders taking longer than expected to load, degraded performance and stability while shaders load in the background, older graphics drivers causing issues, a potential memory leak, and the game flat out refusing to load even when a system meets the system requirements.

Since releasing the list of known issues, Naughty Dog has pushed out a hotfix (version with the following changelog...
  • Fixed several performance & hitch related issues impacting some users.
  • Note: Additional improvements and investigations based on user feedback are underway.
  • Added extra crash diagnostic information to assist in investigating shader building related crashes and other common reported stability issues.
"This update primarily focusses on stability and performance improvements and other smaller improvements. The team is closely watching player reports and actively working on a patch with more bugfixes, to be released soon," the patch notes state.

Meanwhile, the list of known issues gained a new entry—it states that some players are experiencing mouse and camera jitter, depending on the hardware and display settings. We've seen complaints of this issue in the user reviews on Steam.

Angled render of the Radeon RX 7900 XTX on a red and black background.

Hopefully the v1.0.1.5 hotfix will bring some relief to gamers who are playing The Last of Us Part I on PC. Additionally, AMD released a new Adrenalin Edition GPU driver (version for Radeon owners.

According to the release notes, it delivers gamer optimizations specific to The Last of Us Part I. That's the only thing of note so if you own a Radeon GPU and are playing the port (or attempting to), you'll definitely want to grab this one.

Looking ahead, more patches and hotfixes are expected. Naughty Dog says it is still investigating known issues and will alert the gaming community as further updates get released.