Kioxia Prepares to Premiere Advanced Flash Memory And Speedy SSDs At CES 2024

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Kioxia is the company formerly known as Toshiba Memory Solutions, the inventors of NAND flash memory. Along with a myriad of other major tech companies, Kioxia is et to showcase its extensive portfolio of technologoes at CES 2024, more specifically its array of SSDs and memory solutions.

In announcing the company's presence at CES, vice president of corporate marketing for KIOXIA America Alex Mei said "whether it’s designing ultra-thin consumer PCs, enabling the automotive in-vehicle experience, or streamlining professional photography, we make flash memory that brings applications to life and enhances user experiences." Indeed, Kioxia flash memory is used in products in just about every market segment.

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The highlight of Kioxia's CES exhibit, at least for our audience, will almost assuredly be its second-generation XL-FLASH technology. XL-FLASH is Kioxia's Storage-Class Memory offering, a storage product intended to sit somewhere between DRAM and typical flash memory in terms of performance and durability. In that sense, it's a bit like the 3D Xpoint memory used in Intel's Optane products, though XL-FLASH is closer to its roots.

The company will also be showing off new flash products for automotive applications, including support for the 4.0 revision of the UFS standard. UFS 4.0 upgrades the maximum throughput to 5800 MT/sec—far surpassing the kind of storage performance you expect out of a mobile or embedded device.

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Kioxia says its new-generation BiCS flash memory is much improved thanks to new CBA construction.

Finally, the company says it's bringing a "broad lineup" of SSD products to CES, including not only enterprise and datacenter products but also examples of its own client SSDs. The XG8 MLC SSD and BG6 TLC SSDs are already available right now, but it's possible that Kioxia might be adding new form factors or capacities to the lineup.

If you’re interested in checking out Kioxia’s exhibits, you can visit the company’s demo room (Zeno 4710) from January 9-11 on Level 4 of the Venetian Meeting Center 1 at the Venetian Meeting Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course, that requires being at CES. Everyone else can stay tuned to HotHardware for any surprise announcements out of the memory maker at the trade show.
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