Kingwin SK-523SW Mid-Tower Case

I think after the tech-marathon that we all endured last week (IDF, CeBit, GeForce 7900 / 7600 launch, Radeon X1800 GTO launch), some of our colleagues in the on-line press have taken a bit of a breather.  The news isn't flowing with the same regularity this weekend that it normally would. Regardless, we've got a couple of morsels that'll help satiate your hardware jones...

The folks at SystemCooling.Com have reviewed a new case from Kingwin, the SK-523SW mid-tower. Its got a funky looking panel on the front, but a more traditional internal design and layout.

"Kingwin was founded in 1992 and specialized in CPU coolers and mobile racks. Since then the Kingwin line-up has been expanded to include everything from cases and external enclosures to liquid cooling systems and power supplies. Today we will be taking a look at Kingwin's newest case, the SK-523SW, which promises a blend of performance and style."
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