Kingston Shows Off DDR3 Memory @ 2.133GHz

In advance of CeBit, Kingston has created a video which shows soon to be released Kingston Technology DDR3 memory modules overclocked to an impressive 2.133GHz.  The memory, which is yet to be officially announced, will be in the HyperX DDR3 family and it will be rated for operation at PC3-16000 speeds.

Kingston DDR3 Demo @ 2.133GHz

Perhaps just as interesting as the memory is the motherboard Kingston uses for the overclocking demo.  That looks like an NVIDIA nForce reference BIOS to us, complete with a reference to EPP 2.0 (Enhanced Performance Profiles).  But to date there are no NVIDIA nForce chipsets available that support DDR3 memory.  Based on this video, we guess it's safe to say there's a new DDR3-enabled nForce chipset around the corner, that appears to have one heck of an overclocker-friendly memory controller on-board.

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