Kingston Launches Fully Buffered DIMM Memory Modules

Kingston Launches Fully Buffered DIMM Memory Modules

Kingston FB-DIMMs Offer Cutting-Edge Solutions, Driving the Market to a New Standard by Breaking the 16GB-Memory Barrier.

Fountain Valley, CA – (April 5, 2006), Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent worldwide leader in memory products, today announced the release of its new line of Fully Buffered DIMM memory modules (FB-DIMM). As the leading independent manufacturer of memory modules, Kingston made an early and strategic decision to commit major resources to support next generation memory technology like FB-DIMM thus becoming a leading manufacturer and supplier of FB-DIMM memory to Intel and the industry.

Kingston's FB-DIMM modules are a high-speed, high-density memory solution for related technology workstation and server platforms. Kingston's FB-DIMMs will offer memory flexibility and more expansion options, opening new horizons in memory technology. Kingston's FB-DIMMs resolve the DDR2 memory speed vs. capacity bottleneck and comply with JEDEC standards. FB-DIMM memory architecture allows up to six memory channels with each channel supporting up to eight dual-rank memory modules and allows for two channels to simultaneously read and write in concurrent transactions.  READ MORE...

We just had a set of Kingston's FB-DIMMs arrive in the lab, and of course we promptly pulled them apart to take a look at the PCB and chips hiding beneath the heat spreaders.



As you can see, the AMB (Advanced Memory Buffer) chip is situated right in the middle of the PCB, flanked by some Infineon DDR2 memory chips.  AMB is a serial point-to-point interface technology for next generation DDR2 and DDR3 DRAM.  

Kingston lists their FB-DIMM Features and Specifications as:

  • Tested at 533 MHz for optimal performance
  • 1.8 Volts operation
  • Operational enhancements to increase memory performance, efficiency and timing margins
  • Latency timings: 4-4-4
  • Memory kits (modules) up to 2 GB



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