iTunes 8 Re-released; Vista BSOD "Fixed"

If you were one of the lucky people who wanted to try the new "Genius" feature of iTunes 8, and had an HP USB printer driver installed and said printer connection --- or perhaps a few other drivers --- you might have experienced the (yes, it's still part of Windows) tried and true BSOD when you plugged in your iPod.

The BSOD was happening in usbappl.sys, and a few various workarounds were posted at the Apple support forums, including unplugging or turning off your HP printer when plugging in your iPod (or iPhone, whatever).  Low-tech, right?

Well, today Apple re-released iTunes with a fix.  No more BSOD.  Of course, they did it the lazy way.  They removed the new driver and replaced it with an older one (see shots below, crasher on the left "new", fixed on the right "old"). 

Perhaps lazy is harsh; it was the quickest way, we're sure.


For those of you who have the current installed, you can't just install on top of it.  You have to uninstall both the Apple Mobile Device program and then uninstall iTunes.  We checked; the driver will not update otherwise (figures).
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