iRobot Mega-Sale Brings Big Discounts On Roomba i7+, S9+, And 891 Robotic Smart Vacuums

roomba pet
Vacuuming is a task that everyone has to do, particularly pet owners; but few actually enjoy it. An easy way to never have to manually vacuum again, while still keeping your home or office nice and tidy, is with a robotic vacuum cleaner. Several iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners are on sale, including a couple that empty their dustbins automatically when they are finished cleaning.
roomba i7 plus wall

The iRobot Roomba i7+ Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum with automatic dirt disposal is one of the units on sale. This robotic vacuum cleaner can be purchased at Wellbots with a 12% discount, which knocks $100 off the standard $799 price tag. That makes the purchase price $699. This robot has some interesting features, including the Clean Base, that sucks the dirt and debris out of the robot and into a bag in the base station for easy disposal. It also promises Power Suction with ten times the air power for improved pickup and iAdapt 3.0 Navigation to map its surroundings.

irobot roomba s9
Next on the list of discounted robotic vacuum cleaners is the iRobot Roomba S9+ Wi-Fi Connected Robotic vacuum. The S9+ also includes a docking station with a dust collector for easy emptying and vSLAM Navigation Technology. vSLAM allows the robotic vacuum cleaner to navigate the home and adapt to its surroundings. It's also able to recognize both hard floors and carpets to automatically adjust the suction level. This particular vacuum cleaner is well-suited to homes with pets thanks to high-efficiency filters and 40 times more suction power. It's currently on sale for $100 off, making the purchase price $999.
roomba 891
Anyone who is interested in the robotic vacuum cleaner, but doesn't want to spend over $600 to get one may be more interested in Amazon's offering called the iRobot Roomba 891. This vacuum cleaner is Wi-Fi connected and works with Alexa. It's suited to homes with pets, hard floors, and carpeting. One significant difference between this model and the others is that it doesn't come with an automatic dust bin docking station. The dirt has to be emptied directly from its integrated dustbin. It runs up to 90 minutes per charge and integrates with the Roomba app. The best feature is the price. Amazon offers a 42% discount knocking $190 off the $449.99 price tag. That means for about the next 16 hours (as of writing) this robot vacuum cleaner sells for $259.99

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