iPod Vs. Zune, Mac Vs. PC - Bean Counters Lie

Some folks spend a lot of time listening to market analysts for financial advice.  While this is generally a good idea for fund managers and the like, it's always best to backup that data with your own research before you go making any life altering decisions with your own hard-earned cashola. Even if you just like to dabble in the numbers for recreation and sport, you might (or might not) be surprised at some of the findings here...

"Microsoft was attempting to eat into the high end of iPod sales, not roll out a cheaper version of the iPod to cube dwellers who had never heard of music before.

However, as predicted in Myth #8 of 10 iPod vs Zune Myths, the only sales Microsoft could easily displace with the Zune were its own partner's PlaysForSure devices.

Microsoft gnawed off its own foot, which while technically an achievement, only managed set the company back in its efforts to expand in the overall market and to push the adoption of Windows Media in place of the QuickTime-based iTunes.

It will be very difficult for Microsoft to grow that foot back. As for the prey it had intended to eat in its feeding frenzy: the iPod--in the same quarter--grew dramatically larger by extending its appeal to new buyers rather than just resorting to cannibalizing itself for some quick sales."

Billionaire Ballmer Blows Beaucoup Bologna...  (that was perfect, just perfect...)

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