iPhone's Small Browser Takes Huge Market Share

The screen is small, the device is small, but the market share, for the browser of a mobile phone is, relatively speaking, big. The iPhone has only been available since late June, and it's already the most popular mobile browser for surfing the Web, beating out even Windows Mobile, which has been available for over 10 years.

Net Applications came out with its quarterly browser marketshare report this weekend. More surprising than the solid market share gains that the Mac platform made, was iPhone's phenomenal showing.

.09 percent may seem like an extremely small marketshare but when you consider that the iPhone has only been selling for 5 months and for most of that time was in one – albeit large – market (the U.S.), that share is amazing. Add another .01% for the iPod touch and Apple mobile platform is one out of every thousand pageviews across the Internet.

Also interesting is the browser share for XP vs. Vista: 78.37% vs. 9.19%.   Hmmm.