iPhone Unlock Software Goes on Sale

A little later than many had hoped, one of the two software unlocking solutions for the iPhone has gone on sale.  You may recall that the other retailer, Uniquephones.com, was threatened by AT&T when they first announced their intention to sell their product.
The one U.S. dealer handling iPhoneSIMFree's unlock -- which lets iPhone owners swap out SIM cards so that the device can make calls on cellular networks other than AT&T's -- listed the hack for US$99. According to a sales representative who answered the phone at New York-based Wireless Imports, the reseller is waiting on iPhoneSIMFree to deliver the licenses. Preorders taken Monday are supposed be filled within 48 hours.
$99 is actually pricey for an unlock - but when you consider they may be including future legal fees in that cost, it may not be so bad!