Introduction to FB-DIMM Memory, Review of PCMark05, and more!

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Introduction to FB-DIMM Memory: Birth of Serial RAM? @ PCStats

"Serial data links, once reserved for only the slowest exterior connections and least-demanding peripherals, have proven to be the future of computer design. Up until just recently though, one of the most essential parts of any computer has remained stubbornly parallel in its implementation; computer memory, or RAM as it also called. FB-DIMM memory (short for Fully-Buffered Dual Inline Memory Module) is a variant of standard DDR2 memory designed for server applications where both large amounts of memory and memory co-ordination and accuracy at high speeds are essential."

OCZ ModStream 520 Power Supply Review @ Club Overclocker

"Now that the idea of the modular cable management system has taken hold, more companies are putting their own twist on the popular design. The OCZ ModStream is the latest power supply from OCZ and is awesome follow-up to their very popular PowerStream series. While the ModStream doesn't have the adjustable power rails of the PowerStream, the ModStream does make use of a very attractive and functional modular cable management system. It's just something you'll have to see to appreciate."

Corsair TWIN2X1024-8000UL (DDR2-1000) @ Hardware Zone

"With memory technology evolving slowly in the past, many wouldn't have expected the incoming of DDR2-1000 memory so soon, especially low latency versions. Well, Corsair went all out and it became the first vendor to debut DDR2-1000 that operates at 5-4-4-9 memory timings. Find out how they fared in our review."

Review of PCMark05 @ TechConnect

"The Advanced features can be priceless to both overclockers and custom system builders, with their personalized Test Suite creation tools, as well as the ability to create and maintain a veritable machine and configuration database with the Advanced Online Results Browser."

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