Interview with Croteam's Dean S., DDR vs. GDDR, and more!

Hey folks, just stopping in here with the news for the day. Remember those 77.7x we talked about yesterday? Well if your interested in the 77.76 beta drivers, you can grab them at the nZone BETA driver page. Enjoy!

Sony Network Walkman NW-E507 @ CoolTechZone

"Sony Electronics is a name known for consumer electronics products. Not surprisingly, the company has introduced a latest line of sleek MP3 players based on flash memory for portability and ruggedness. As you can already tell, the exterior of the player is like no other with a small, glossy finish for an attractive look. According to Sony, it's about the size of a gum, which makes it pretty small."

OCZ EL PC-3500 Gold GX and PC-4800 Platinum Review @ 3DXtreme

"For the gamer looking to squeeze every last frame out of their game OCZ has created the OCZ EL PC-3500 Gold GX Dual Channel Memory kit. The PC-4800 product is targeted towards the true enthusiast looking to run their Memory 1:1 with high HT overclocking primarily on the AMD64 platform. PC-4800 is rated to run DDR600 (300HT) with the memory timings of 2.5-4-4-10."

Tyan Tomcat i7221A (S5151) @ Phoronix

"With Intel's 955X (Glenwood) and 945P (Lakeport) Chipsets taking much of the spotlight, in addition to the 925XE (Alderwood) and 915P (Grantsdale), a majority of our Intel attention are focused on these desktop Chipsets. However, today we'll be looking at the E7221 (Copper River), one of Intel's flagship server Chipsets, as we try out Tyan's Tomcat i7221A (S5151)."

Interview with Croteam's Dean Sekulic @ Beyond3D

"As Croteam officially announces Serious Sam 2 and releases the first game screenshots and trailer Beyond3D fields some questions to Dean Sekulic, Programmer & Designer at Croteam about SS2's renderer and future developments in 3D graphics."

DDR vs. GDDR Memories @ Hardware Secrets

"RAM memory is also used on video cards to make the video memory circuit. Until recently the video memory used the exact same technology as the system RAM memory that is installed on the motherboard..."

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