Interview with AMD/ATI's Vijay Sharma - More R600 Details

Vijay Sharma of the combined AMD/ATI companies, is Director of Desktop Discrete Graphics Product Marketing.  We've spent time talking with Vijay many times and he always offers an insightful perspective on not only what's going on in 3D Graphics technologies for ATI but also within the industry in general. Our German comrades at got an earful of good the good stuff from Vijay at a recent meeting with him at Cebit.  Though the translation is a bit spotty, there are some juicy bits in here...

" I don't want to get too far into the architecture at this stage. But certainly as you increase the compute capabilities of the graphics engine, you'll need more bandwidth. We think that our competitors, who have a 384 Bit interface, are probably going to be bandwidth limited given that they're building with GDDR3 - I don't think they have a GDDR4-design - so i think they don't...

PCGH: They state that G80 supports GDDR4, they just don't have a design ready.

Vijay Sharma: Yeah, they don't have the design - which is fine. But i think the 512 Bit inteface gives you tremendous bandwidth and so we think on the high end, the last thing you want is to be bandwidth limited."

ATI has always been able to build higher performance, low latency memory controllers.  Couple that with their very efficient AA engine and R600 could very well be all that and a can of Pringles... Ruffles even, perhaps.

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