Interchangeable Notebook Parts!

Notebook users can finally rejoice as Intel is formally recognizing the need for interchangeable notebook components. eWeek has unvieled details regarding an initiative by Intel to have notebook components lose their proprietary design and move towards an interchangeable format. In short, everything from replacement (or aftermarket) LCD panels to keyboards could be easily found and installed thanks to a standardized design. Long seen as the holy grail of the notebook industry, this would certainly be one of the most welcomed changes this industry has seen to date.

Intel has identified seven component categories - hard disk drive, optical drive, LCD panel, battery pack, customizable notebook panel, power adapters and keyboards - that can be built on common building blocks, making them interchangeable and readily available for replacement or upgrade, the company announced the week of March 13 at its Intel Solutions Summit partner conference in Scottsdale, Ariz.