Intel to open server chips to partners next week?

The Register is reporting that Intel has plans to directly respond to AMD's Torrenza platform by opening up its server platform to third-party co-processor manufacturers. Supposedly, Intel is planning to make the official announcement next week at the Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco...

"Everyone in the server world has been wondering if Intel planned a response to AMD's opening of its Opteron socket specifications. Well, The Register can reveal that Intel does indeed have a counterattack in store, and it will arrive in part at next week's Intel Developer Forum. Multiple sources have confirmed that Intel, for the first time, will open up its chip architecture to partners. One element of the companies agenda centers around releasing extensions for PCI Express and other buses that will allow other companies to develop co-processors for Xeon-based motherboards. In addition, Intel has been trying to woo partners to build co-processors for its upcoming Common System Interface (CSI)."

We'll be attending IDF next week and will report back here when / if Intel makes this announcement.

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