Intel Introduces “Cool Software” Social Network

Today, October 8, at 8:00AM Pacific Time, Intel launched a new Web 2.0-inspired Web site. Similar to Digg, it offers a forum where people can submit and vote for their favorite software company or product.

You can go to the site, register, set up an account and start submitting stories, sites, etc. They are most interested in software companies, but they are also interested in technologies in general.

The site has the following categories: Digital Home, Mobility, Enterprise, and Healthcare which are, of course, the same as the various “platforms” Intel supports. There’s also an Other category, naturally.

Much like Digg, you can vote up a story, or “bury” it.

This site has been used internally at Intel for some time; because of its success, they have decided to go live to the rest of the Web.  We'll see how long it takes for story spam and off-topic stories to "infect" the site.