Intel CEO To Give A Keynote At Computex 2024, Will Arrow Lake CPUs Make A Debut?

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TAITRA, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, has just announced that Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger will deliver a keynote speech at Computex Taipei. Gelsinger is scheduled to go on stage June 4th, and the release from TAITRA says that he will "detail how Intel's AI portfolio ... unlocks new possibilities in the data center and cloud", which gives the impression that his keynote may center around business chips, not consumer processors.

However, Gelsinger will be going up on stage a day after AMD's CEO Lisa Su delivers the opening keynote for the show. In her keynote, Dr. Su is expected to announce upcoming Ryzen CPU products based on AMD's "Nirvana" Zen 5 processor architecture, and possibly also Radeon graphics products based on RDNA 4. It might not look great for Intel if Gelsinger doesn't have an appropriate response.

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That's not to say that Intel doesn't have anything to show. The company's Arrow Lake processors are expected to launch in the second half of this year, and there's no better time than Computex to announce them. Arrow Lake is expected to bring Meteor Lake's tiled construction and updated processor architectures to the desktop. It will be interesting to see if Arrow Lake can muster much uplift in CPU performance over the power-thirsty 14th-generation Core processors; according to rumors, the newer chips may not clock as high as those.

In fact, speaking of "14th-generation Core", it seems like Intel's next-generation desktop CPUs are going to adopt the new numbering of the "Core Ultra" branding already in use with its Meteor Lake mobile processors. Of course, along with Arrow Lake, we're expecting to hear about the new LGA 1851 platform for these parts, which means that we'll probably also see new motherboards. In fact, if that's the case, we expect we'll start seeing leaks of those boards in the coming weeks before the show.

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It's high time Battlemage made an apperaance.

We're also eager to hear more about Intel's second-generation Arc GPUs, codenamed Battlemage. Arc Alchemist was launched limping out of the gate, but the Intel graphics team's hard work on the drivers have made the Arc A770 and especially the Arc A750 turn out to be excellent values for the lower-midrange discrete GPU segment. If you haven't kept up with the improvements for Arc, check out our review of the Predator Bifrost Arc A770 GPU.

Of course, none of this is guaranteed. Arrow Lake is expected to use Intel's 20A process for at least some tiles, and it's possible that it simply isn't ready yet. In that case, Gelsinger's address may focus entirely on the company's new and upcoming Xeon products, including the 288-core Sierra Forest as well as next year's Granite Rapids, which is expected to be a huge evolution over the extant Emerald Rapids family.