Intel Celeron D, Logitech Gaming Headset and More

Good morning everyone :)  With a cold still floating around my head and my feel-good pills wearing off, I figure this is a perfect opportunity to server up some piping hot juice. So, go grab a glass and settle in.  Here is another serving of news...

 EE Times Article: AMD tips 'Pacifica' and 'Presidio' processors for '06

"Advanced Micro Devices Inc. on Friday (Nov. 12) disclosed its new microprocessor roadmap, including the introduction of the "Pacifica" and "Presidio" processors for the 2006 time frame."

 Fifa 2005 @ TrustedReviews

"One area where FIFA really batters its rival, however, is online play. With FIFA 2005 EA is already fine tuning its software whereas PES is only dipping its toes in the water for the first time with PES 4, and even then only on the soon to be released, Xbox and PC versions. Signs are that Konami will have its work cut out too, because the FIFA 2005 online experience is fantastic. Gamers can play one off matches, leagues and cups and there is even an overall EA Sports world ranking table which collates positions of players worldwide."

 Intel Celeron D @ Phoronix

"Deleron, CellyD, Celery D, or whatever you would like to call the new Intel Celeron D processors, they undoubtedly have some enthusiasts talking over its Prescott core. In this article today, we got our hands on the new Intel Celeron D 320 that runs at 2.4GHz and utilizes the Prescott core with 90 nm process."

 Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset Review @

"If you are constantly getting flack for being too loud, maybe it is time to take a look into investing into a quality gaming headset to enjoy your gaming and music listening without alienating everyone around you. In some cases people say, I like gaming headsets but the full blown studio headsets sound good, but they make my ears sweat and the standard version never has the sound quality I am looking for."

That's all for now.  Sleep well friends... :) - Cheers