This Tiny Intel Arc A310 GPU Is Hilariously Dwarfed In RTX 3090 Ti Compare Photo

Intel Arc A310
The Intel Arc A380 has barely reached US shores, and we have only recently seen the first Intel-sanctioned teases of the more powerful Arc A750 Limited Edition. However, Intel has several more Arc models on the way, and we may have just caught our first glimpse of the littlest (in more ways than one) GPU in the family, the Intel Arc A310.

In isolation, an experienced PC DIYer or enthusiast would be able to say that the purported Arc A310 sample pictured is a compact graphics card. It is clearly a low profile design with a full height expansion bracket fitted. We wouldn’t be surprised if those twin fans were 45mm diameter models.

This might be a very modest single slot, low-profile cooler, but it is probably capable enough given the Arc A310’s expected TDP, which will likely be in the region of 50W. This could be good for small form factor desktops without much room for expansion, and without any additional power connectors, that need a modicum of 3D and video processing acceleration.

Intel Arc A310 vs Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti (Credit: Alexey Nikolaychuk)
Intel Arc A310 vs Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti (Credit: Alexey Nikolaychuk)

Sat next to a triple fan, triple slot NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti design, we get a superb and somewhat comical comparison to what is supposedly an Arc A310. It is dwarfed, like a Chihuahua next to a Great Dane. Of course, it isn’t only in physical prowess that the GeForce dominates, it needs its hulking cooler shroud and fan array as this GPU eats up to 450W, nine times the peak power consumption of the little Arc A310. It is probably best to leave comparisons there, as these cards are obviously in vastly divergent classes.

Those that were disappointed with the initial Intel Arc A380 graphics cards benchmarks and tests we have seen so far, aren’t very likely to be interested in this cut down version of the same ACM-G11 GPU, with half the Xe cores enabled, less VRAM, on a smaller bus – basically less of everything. However, it will come in cheaper, and there are rumors it may sneak under the magic $100 retail mark. We don’t know when / if this will hit retail in the US, however.

The pictures above come via the co-founder of Russian language tech YouTube channel Pro Hi-Tech, Ilya Korneychuk. In a social media posting  Korneychuk credited Alexey Nikolaychuk, developer of MSI Afterburner, as the photographer.

Top Image: Purported Intel Arc A310 (Credit: Alexey Nikolaychuk)