First Intel Arc A380 Graphics Card Books Flight To US For An Unboxing Video

ryanshrout gunnir arc a380
Everyone's been waiting with great trepidation for the arrival of the first Arc desktop graphics cards in the US. That "everyone" includes enthusiasts that want cheap GPUs, reviewers (like us!) who want to put them through their paces, and even Intel, whose employees have probably chewed through every pen on the premises.

The first retail Arc graphics cards have already launched in China—although the specifications weren't listed correctly at first. Now, a couple of those cards have found their way over to the US and into the hands of one Mr. Ryan Shrout, formerly of PC Perspective, now doing graphics marketing over at Intel. These are apparently the first two retail-boxed AIB Arc cards to hit Intel's labs.

Shrout posted a tweet, embedded above, that includes a short video of him showing off the packaging and the card itself, as well as briefly demonstrating a second Gunnir Arc A380 Photon card installed and running in a machine. In the video, he's got PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds up and running on it and he meekly states that it is running at 1080p (2560×1080, in this case) with medium settings.

It's not exactly a riveting demonstration, but then we're talking about an entry-level GPU that sells for around 1000 RMB (about $150 USD) in China. Shrout declined to say anything about pricing or availability for this card or similar cards in the US. Still, we wouldn't be surprised if the A380 Photon finds its way onto store shelves in your local Micro Center before long.