InnoDisk Makes An Innovative ReadyBoost Drive

If you're running Windows Vista, or thinking about it, then you might know what ReadyBoost is. If you don't, it's essentially a way to cache some of the system page file to a USB drive.  The result is typically better performance on machines with limited memory. 

The only problem is that it requires a USB 2.0 port. That means it's external; and therefore subject to being disconnected when whiskers thinks it's a fun toy.  It also makes it one more thing to drag along to a LAN party.  

While some might wonder why fate can be so cruel, along comes InnoDisk with an innovative solution: an internal USB drive. Yes, that's right; it resides inside your PC and plugs into unused USB headers on your motherboard.  If you have a modern motherboard then chances are good that you have more headers than you know what to do with.  With no locking mechanism, it still might get disconnected in transit, but that's what product updates are for.

"ReadyBoost is one of the several things you can do to speed up Vista if you are stuck with 1GB RAM. You'll need to plug in a 2GB or larger flash drive for optimal results, but you lose a precious USB port as well. Now, what if you have an extra USB header available inside your rig. Taiwanese manufacturer InnoDisk has come up with an internal ReadyBoost solution that connects to your mobo's USB pin header."
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