Industry Update - Q4-2004, PQI Memory Giveaway and more!

As the clock hits afternoon time, there isn't all that much news in today. I'll post what we have now, and I'll update this post if anything new comes along in the next few hours... depending on how the New England Patriots game is going :) Here we go...

Al Tech Anydrive FM Transmitter @ MHW

"On the left side is where you are able to connect your USB media. Note the distance from the side of the Anydrive and the USB plug is rather small, so if your USB media is not very slim, you may have difficulties inserting your media. On the right side is where you choose which FM station your Anydrive will transmit your music."

Part 3 of the Virtual Memory Optimization Guide Rev. 4.0 @ Rojakpot

"Today, we will take an in-depth look at virtual memory, what it really is and how to optimize it! In this edition, we will also take a thorough look at moving the paging file to a different partition as well as the pros and cons of moving it to a different hard disk. Come and check out the definitive Virtual Memory Optimization Guide!"

PQI Memory Giveaway @ System Cooling

"This PQI Memory giveaway will run until Nov. 21st, it is open to those living in the United States and Canada. To enter simply send an email to with the subject line "PQI Memory Giveaway" include your name and email address in the entry. On Nov. 22nd we'll randomly draw the winners, after which will draw which prize goes to which winner. If you have any questions just drop by the PQI Memory Giveaway thread in the forum and good luck!!!"

Industry Update - Q4-2004 @ Anandtech - Thanks Jordan(HH Forum Member)

"Every year I make at least one trip to Taipei, Taiwan, usually for the annual Computex show. The flight itself is usually grueling, traveling from the East Coast you're generally in the air for around 20 hours. Then there's getting used to the time difference, which is a full 12 hours from EST. But it's all worth it, because a trip to Taipei is like a hardware-guy's dreamland. Tons of manufacturers spread out all over the northern tip of the island all working on bringing the latest technology and performance to your PCs. It's through these manufacturers that you can get a very interesting perspective on the industry as well as get a good idea for the truth behind a lot of the issues we see."