Huawei Matebook Joins Microsoft Surface Pro 4 In New Ad Humiliating iPad Pro And Its Shortcomings

Politicians are not the only ones mudslinging this season. Huawei’s Matebook and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 have teamed up to continue to try and humiliate the iPad Pro and its various shortcomings. In Huawei’s latest commercial, the iPad Pro is being pushed out of the cool kid’s table.

matebook 2

The advertisement battle all started when Apple released its initial iPad Pro commercial. The iPad Pro ad is titled “What’s a computer?” and starts with “Just when you think you know what a computer is, you see a keyboard that can just get out of the way...and a screen you can touch and even write on.” The commercial ends with the statement, “Imagine what your computer to do, if it was an iPad Pro.” The implication in this ad of course is that the addition of the keyboard makes the iPad Pro a “computer.”

Microsoft could not resist poking fun at Apple in their own Surface Pro 4 commercial. The ad starts with the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 at a “party” with a festive banner and a disco ball. Cortana asks, “Hi Siri, what’s the party for?” and Siri responds, “I just got a keyboard. I’m a computer now, like you”. The Surface Pro 4 proceeds to ask Siri a number of questions about the iPad Pro specs that Siri cannot positively answer. The commercial ends with one of the banners falling and Siri remarking, “Maybe this party wasn’t such a good idea.” Microsoft suggests that it is a real computer while the iPad Pro is a wannabe.

Huawei’s own commercial plays on the Microsoft ad. All three devices are side-by-side at a party with a piñata. The Matebook says “Hey, congrats on that keyboard” and then the iPad Pro responds, “Who are you?” The Matebook runs off a list of its various features and tells the Surface Pro 4, “I think we are going to get along great.” The Surface Pro 4 then says, “welcome to the party.”

Huawei’s ad of course implies that the Matebook is not only better than the iPad Pro, but is on par with the Surface Pro 4. The Matebook starts at $649 USD and is currently available from Windows, Amazon, and Newegg.