Microsoft Burns Apple’s iPad Pro Wannabe Computer Claims With New Surface Pro 4 Commercial

surface commercial
The rivalry between Microsoft and Apple have just been reinvigorated thanks to a rather humorous commercial from the former that pokes fun at the iPad Pro. Apple introduced the iPad Pro late last year to court professional users who need to do more than just play games and watch Netflix with their tablets. The fruit company also launched a new “Smart Keyboard” alongside the iPad Pro, which is aimed at increasing productivity.

Despite the change in [tablet] direction for Apple, sales haven’t exactly rebounded for Apple. And to add insult to injury, Microsoft is openly mocking the iPad Pro following the release of this Apple commercial:

Microsoft couldn’t resist poking holes in Apple’s argument that the iPad Pro is a full-fledged computer thanks to its keyboard and stylus, and responded with its own commercial:

Microsoft pits the Surface Pro 4’s Cortana against the iPad Pro’s Siri, and the hilarity ensues. "I just got a keyboard," says Siri. "I'm a computer now, like you." Cortana responds by asking if the iPad Pro has some serious grunt under the hood like a Core i7 processor, if it can run full versions of productive software like Microsoft Word, or if it even runs a full-fledged operating system like Windows 10? The iPad Pro of course is running iOS.

By the time Cortana asks if the iPad Pro has a trackpad on its keyboard or if it can connect to peripherals via a full-size USB port, Siri responds with, “I don’t like where this is going.” Microsoft ends the ad, stating, “Surface does more. Just like you.”

So what say you, HotHardware readers? Which tablet would pick if you were in the market: a Surface Pro 4 or an iPad Pro?