HTC Ramps Up Weird Factor With 'One M9' Commercials Starring Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr. melted many hearts last week when he showed up as Tony Stark to deliver a customized, bionic arm to a seven-year-old fan. The video went viral and showed how the thoughtfulness of others can make a lasting impression on a child.

Today, however, Robert Downey Jr. is stepping back into his role as HTC spokesman, and the results are definitely more mixed. Ever since stepping into the role in 2013, Robert Downey Jr.’s commercials have been met with puzzled reactions and this year sees the arrival of nine new commercial “shorts.” All of the commercials are color-coded (i.e. white, black, purple, green), cover a wide range of genres (comedy, fantasy, horror), and all of them are extremely, extremely weird.

htc downey

“They were inspired by the lifetime of popular culture that we’ve all ingested,” said Russell Scott, creative director of Jetset Studios. “There are film references, there are TV references. There’s a lot of physical comedy, and a whole different, almost silent-movie type of acting. There’s no real messaging or hucksterism.”

There’s simply no explaining how these commercials really play up the smartphone they are trying to promote, the One M9, but you can see for yourself how far “out there” HTC’s latest advertising campaign has gone.