Tony Stark Delivers Real 3D-Printed Bionic Arm To 7-Year Old Iron Man Fan

Here’s your feel-good story for Thursday afternoon. Albert Manero, who has a degree in Aerospace engineering from the University of Central Florida and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, has made it a point to help serve others. "My parents always encouraged me to use my education to help others and to dream big dreams,” says Manero. “Now I want to inspire others to help engineer hope for the world."

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Manero is doing just that with Limbitless Solutions, a volunteer foundation that uses 3D printer technology to build bionic arms for children that have either lost a limb, or were born with partially developed limbs. Seven-year-old Alex fits into the latter category and Manero, with the help of the Microsoft OneNote Collective Project, has been hard at work to develop a new 3D-printed bionic arm for him. And once the project was finished, Microsoft and Manero were able to find the most “qualified” person on the planet to deliver the arm to Alex: Tony Stark AKA Iron Man Robert Downey Jr.

Alex is a huge Iron Man fan and was elated to meet his hero in person, while Robert Downey Jr. called Alex the "most dapper 7-year-old [he's] ever met." With all the bad that is happening and being reported on in the world today, it’s nice to be able to see such selfless actions on display. I won’t give away anything from this wonderful video (which is just over two minutes long), so take a little breather from your busy day and watch it here:

I just want to say kudos to Mr. Manero for embarking on this selfless, amazing endeavor to help those in need and I also want to give a big shout out to Robert Downey Jr. who never ceases to amaze when it comes to giving back to the fans who love him and the comic book character that he has brought to life through film.