How To Sell Your Ship And Level Up Fast In Starfield

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Bethesda officially launched Starfield on September 6 and quickly garnered over 6 million players. The highly anticipated first-person open-world RPG has enamored many with numerous ships to fly as gamers visit new worlds filled with strange alien creatures and minerals to mine. While some may be flourishing in space, other players may be wondering what they can do to enhance their quality of life in the game. Whether it be selling a ship to earn some extra cash, or finding new ways of leveling up faster, here are a few tips to become a more successful Starfield space pioneer.

Selling And Procuring A Starfield Starship

One of the first things players will want to do is procure a ship to traverse the extensive galaxy of worlds within the game. Ships can be acquired in various ways, including buying one, building one, or flat-out stealing one. But as with any game, players will want to try out all the spacecraft available to find the perfect one. One way of being able to do so is to sell a ship to get the money needed to try out another.

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To sell a ship, it will first need to be registered. While at Ship Services, players will want to opt for "I'd like to view and modify my ships" or "Let me see what ships you have for sale." Either of those options will allow a player to access all the ships they have acquired. Once a vessel has been chosen to put on the selling block, the player should see the option to register it (even if the ship was stolen). Be warned, however, it takes a good bit of money to do so. Once registered, players will see the option to sell it.

Tips And Tricks For Leveling-Up In Starfield

Another critical aspect of any game is leveling up during gameplay. Within Starfield, players can level various skills across five skill trees. By doing so, bonuses will boost a player's abilities and make it easier to progress through the game. But leveling takes a lot of points to continue climbing each skill tree. For anyone getting worn out with the grind, there are a few tips to help make the climb a bit less tiresome.

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The fastest way to gain points is to complete missions, particularly faction missions. These missions give players plenty of XP for achieving them, with kills adding to the pot. The Crimson Fleet mission will be one that all players will want to get through as soon as possible, as it gives a good bit of XP and provides a bevy of things to kill. Another way to get more kills is to go on stealth missions, but instead of being stealthy, make a lot of noise to attract more enemies and then go on a killing spree. For players who have already completed the mentioned missions in Starfield, finding new worlds with the "Abundant" trait next to Fauna should give plenty of opportunities to take aliens and creepy things.

A few other tips for leveling quicker is to stay hydrated, specifically with Alien Tea. This exotic-sounding drink will temporarily increase a player's XP gains. Once hydrated, romancing a companion character by rolling in the sack with them will give a buff that lasts for nearly 30 minutes and shells out a 15% increase in XP.

So, don't be a shy Starfield explorer. Get out there and up your game by stealing some ships.