Starfield Streamer Exposes Skyrim-Like Vendor Glitch For Getting Filthy Rich In Space

hero starfield astronaut on planet
A YouTube streamer has shown the way to vast riches within Starfield that has fans of Skyrim reminiscing about looting chests hidden throughout the world repeatedly. Before players get too excited, a couple of prerequisites must be met before this cash cow glitch can be achieved.

Bethesda is well known for hiding chests throughout a world it has created that are filled with treasures. Skyrim, in particular, comes to mind when seeing how YouTube streamer vNivara exposes a glitch within Starfield that can make players millionaires quickly. However, to accomplish this feat will require a little effort on the player's part to get started.

First, players will need to acquire a Power Boost Pack that allows them to fly through the air for a short period. The Boost Pack Training skill will also need to Rank 2 to use less fuel. Once these two requirements have been met, gamers must make their way to the Commercial District on Jemison. Once there, they will head to the right and cross a dam nearby.

However, players will want to follow vNivar's instructions to the tee if they want to be successful. By doing so, they will be located underneath the map once they reach the area where the vendors are. It is here where the chests are located, and Starfield millionaires will be made. One vendor chest has 1,500 credits and a gamer's dream of unlimited coffee. There is one other item that can be looted from here, Jemison Mercantile's wares, but doing so is considered stealing. Therefore, players might want to avoid this one.

Those still yearning for more can choose to proceed, where the Ship Services chest with 72,000 credits exists. One user commented that this particular chest takes 48 in-game hours to refill, so anyone wanting to loot it multiple times will probably want to make the journey again after a couple of days instead of waiting around.

A couple more items that could make the journey a little easier are an AMP (AID) Stim, which allows for more mobility while jumping and an increase of 35% in movement speed. Dexerto also recommends that players carry at least four Healing Stims along for the journey to riches, as gamers will endure a good bit of health loss while swimming underwater.

And there you have it, an easy path to unlimited wealth within the Starfield universe. The only question remains whether you will choose the quick and easy path or choose to put in the long hours to build your empire.