HotHardware Blog Updates, Tweets and FBing

Though you might not go there as often yet, you soon will.  It's a random sort of babble that sounds mysteriously entertaining at first and then sucks you in like some cheesy sit-com.  What am I speaking of you say? Why the HH Blog Roll of course!  In our recent submissions we discuss things like the new HH Twitter and Facebook pages, that you should all either become a "fan" of or "follow" almost immediately, if not sooner.    And then of course Marco steps up in his RTG with a fleeting glimpse of a new keyboard that just might get you all jazzed - or not, depending on your personal preference.

HotHardware's Tweets (left) and The HH Facebook Page (right)

Finally there's our new Video Spotlight channel.  If you haven't been by yet, you're missing out. Well, at least you're missing three new tech vids from HH.  That much we know.