Helldivers 2 For PS5 And PC Smashes Sales Estimates, Is This The Next Palworld Sensation?

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Sony PlayStation’s Helldivers 2 is another surprise hit for 2024, with a success story akin to smash hit Palworld. The game’s creative director, Johan Pilestedt, responded to a question on social media about the game’s sales, sharing that “we are around a million right now.” Helldivers 2 is an online co-op, third-person shooter where players work together to fight off hordes of aliens. The game is developed by Arrowhead Game studios, a small Swedish developer that has been working on the title for nearly a decade as a follow-up to the popular Helldivers.

The sales stats are especially impressive considering that the game has only been available for a few days.

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The limiting factor that might stop the game from reaching the stratospheric heights of Palworld is that there’s no way for players to access the game as part of a subscription service. Palworld is available on Xbox Game Pass, however, Helldivers 2 is not available on Sony’s PlayStation Plus service. Although this might change as Sony will undoubtedly want to keep the game’s momentum going, and adding it to one of the higher PlayStation Plus tiers is a good way of accomplishing that.

The success of Helldivers 2 might change Sony’s strategy of releasing games on PC about a year of being available on its PlayStation console. Having to wait that long can make it feel like a less exciting launch on PC. This might be informing Sony executives that sales of traditional titles such as God of War might see a huge boost by launching day and date on both its console and on PC.