Sony PlayStation 5 Pro Specs Leak Reveals Faster Clocks And A Massive GPU Upgrade

PS5 hero
Sony just released a slim variant of the PlayStation 5, but the rumor mill says a Pro update is still coming. This supposed Sony console won't reinvent the wheel, but reportedly will offer a substantial speed boost. The latest round of leaks claim higher clock speeds and a big GPU upgrade. For gamers who want to play at the highest frame rates and resolutions, this console could be worth waiting for.

The alleged specs for Sony's new console have been leaked on several gaming forums and Twitter accounts in recent days. We cannot verify the information at this time, but nothing seems out of line with expectations. The device is code named Project Trinity in recognition of its three core objectives: faster storage, accelerated ray tracing, and improved upscaling.

At the heart of the PS5 Pro will be a new AMD APU called Viola. This chip will be based on TSMC's N4P node and will stick with the Zen2 CPU architecture. This is necessary to ensure compatibility with existing PlayStation 5 software. The only change here is a new maximum boost speed of 4.4GHz (up from 3.5GHz in the current model). However, the GPU will see a nice speed boost too.

Viola will reportedly use 60 of the possible 64 compute units for this system-on-a-chip, based on the newer RNDA3 designs. That means the GPU should have 3,840 stream processors, the same as the Navi 32-based RX 7800 XT desktop GPU. A separate leak claimed just 56 compute units would be enabled, so take this with a grain of salt. The leak also claims a new XDNA2 NPU (neural processing unit) will be included to run Sony's custom machine learning algorithms for upscaling content. The goal is to get 4K upscaling at greater than 30 FPS.
The latest round of rumors also comes with a supposed announcement window: September 2024. So, we could be seeing PS5 Pro boxes on shelves in less than a year. We might not have to speculate about the specs so much in the meantime. Leakers claim that Sony is anticipating all the specs to be in the open soon. Dev kit hardware is reportedly being provided this month, which will no doubt turbocharge the leaks. There's no word on pricing yet, but you can expect something higher than the $500 PS5 Slim price tag.