HAL-9000 Replica Boasts Amazon Alexa Integration But Can't Open Pod Bay Doors, Dave

hal 9000
Fans of the strange, yet classic flick 2001: A Space Odyssey will most certainly remember the rogue computer AI named HAL-900 that eventually decided to kill all humans. If you ever wanted to own a HAL-9000 (minus the homicidal insanity bit) this is your chance, thanks to a company called Master Replicas. This company has landed the rights to build props based on the movie from Warner Bros. What the company has whipped up is something that offers a lot more than a plastic prop you can stare at on occasion. This HAL-9000 replica officially called the 2001 Interactive HAL Computer, has Amazon Alexa voice services integrated. That means you can actually talk to HAL and he can control things in your home that are compatible with Alexa.

Wouldn't it be cool if Alexa laughed in HAL's creepily calm voice? That would be fun. Master Replicas Group is the real deal when it comes to making movie prop replicas. The company produced a line of Star Wars and Star Trek gear that geeks went nuts over for years. However, the company went out of business a decade ago and has recently made a comeback. Thanks to the license from Warner Bros., Master Replicas Group's device is an exact replica of what was used on set and lands just in time for the film to celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. The base for the entire model is an Amazon Fire HD tablet and it has extra lights, microphones, speakers, and custom software installed. The replica is loaded with lines from the film and can say them with Alexa's wake words.

It also has all the features that Amazon Echo offers and can tell you the weather or news in Alexa's voice. Orders will start in April with deliveries in August or September. In April, there will be a special Kickstarter for numbered versions of 1-2001, pricing is unannounced at this time. It's worth noting that the company is trying to get Amazon's permission to completely replace Alexa's voice with HAL's voice.