Alexa Spooks Users As Deranged Amazon Echos Randomly Break Out In Creepy Laughter

After being temporarily knocked offline last week due to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage, Amazon is dealing with another Alexa incident. While losing access to Alexa Voice Services for a few hours is annoying, what is currently happening to Amazon Echo users (and other devices that take advantage of Alexa) was downright puzzling and to some people, a little freaky.
echo dot 1

Amazon Echo devices have reportedly been laughing for absolutely no particular reason at all, which as you can imagine is unsettling to unsuspecting ears. This isn't a fluke that was relegated to just one person. Multiple people have confirmed that their Echos have "gone rogue" with fits of laughter as if they somehow had their funny bone tickled.

One user, Gavin Hightower, recalls entering a gentle slumber last night when all of a sudden, his Echo Dot tried doing its best impression of Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin:

In another situation, Alexa chimed in during a [confidential] office discussion:

To hear at least one sample of what Alexa sounds like when she wants to scare the crap out of you, check out this tweet of an Alexa-enabled JBL speaker with the giggle fits:

For its part, Amazon says “We’re aware of this and working to fix it.” We hope that fix is pushed out sooner rather than later but it's a reasonable anomaly to consider, since reportedly Alexa has recently learned the skill of humor.