Guitar Hero: World Tour - Ready to Rock

Activision keeps on rockin' with the mega-popular Guitar Hero brand. The gaming giant just announced plans for the next installment of the shreddin' series. Get ready, 'cause Guitar Hero: World Tour is set to hit shelves before the holiday season.

In response to the racket created by Rock Band, Activision has turned up the volume with a new set of peripherals for World Tour. Faux rockers will be able to buy a drum kit and bass pedal to form a full band. With the promise of a "battle of the bands" mode in the offing, button-pushing buddies can strut their stuff and face off against four of their closest friends.

We're sure to see a full complement of new bands on board, extra downloadable tracks available for purchase, and plenty of tie-ins with real rock stars. But the hottest new feature lets gamers enter a virtual studio, create their own molten hot performances, and show off their skills to an adoring fanbase (or maybe just mom). Rock on!
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