Guitar Hero? Just Data Entry. iVideosongs Rocks

A common knock on the wildly popular Guitar Hero console gamer is that it's a shame that people don't just learn how to play the guitar instead. It's easier to play the actual guitar than many songs on Guitar Hero on its most challenging setting, after all. Perhaps the critics were wrong about Guitar Hero siphoning off interest in the actual instrument. Six of the top twenty iTunes podcasts are guitar tutorials by iVideosongs.

When possible, iVideosongs gets guitarists who actually wrote popular songs to explain each riff in detail. At the very least, the instructors are professional guitarists with in-depth knowledge and a nice way of imparting it. The focus is on the guitar, but the site includes a smattering of tutorials on bass, keyboard and drums.

Budding guitarists can purchase iVideosongs lessons individually for $5 or $10, depending on whether the song is being taught by the artist who wrote it or not, with certain titles available for free download within iTunes. Purchased tutorials are in HD quality, but can also be transferred onto iPods and iPhones for portable tutelage.

A rising tide lifts all boats. Now all Guitar Hero has to do is come up with an interface dongle to plug into an actual guitar and the synergy will be complete.