Guitar Hero III Auctioned on eBay for $9,000

The sale price alone is worth the story, but that's not the best part.  A Canadian dad, ebay username of k_lid, sold his son's Guitar Hero III game (for the Nintendo Wii) on eBay for $9,100.01 after catching him smoking pot in the backyard with two of his "delinquent" friends.

"I am now finding it hard to justify rewarding him with this gift after he so greatly disappointed me," writes the brooding parent on his eBay listing page. "I know smoking a joint isn't the end of the world, but if you can convince me that he deserves the gift, then I will end the auction."

Consequently, the $90 game sold for $9,100.01 to an Australian buyer. Apparently, the majority of people sided with the dad.

Our only worry about this: the seller's rating is only 92.1.  We would never buy from someone with such a low rating.  Hopefully the story about the son is not just a "story" and all will turn out well.