Guitar Hero 5 to Include Band Moments

The game industry often relies on sequels as opposed to new ideas to bring in big profits. With a game like Guitar Hero, however, there’s not a whole lot you can do except add new songs to the playlist or offer a band sequel such as the Van Halen edition. Even though these new additions are great because the game concept sells well in general and because people have a certain liking to specific bands, Guitar Hero hasn’t seen a lot of new innovations. At least it hasn’t until now.

Activision has officially announced that Guitar Hero 5 will be coming to the Xbox, PS2 and PS3, and Wii this fall. This latest version of Guitar Hero will offer some thrilling new features that set it apart from the rest of the Guitar Hero offerings. One of the new features is the ability to customize what instruments play in your rock band. With this mode, you can put together any combination of instruments in a band.  For example, a track can be played with two guitars and two drums, one mic and three guitars, etc.

Guitar Hero 5 will also include new gaming modes such as Party Play and RockFest modes. These new modes will give users more options. For example, Party Play will let players jump in and out of games seamlessly. RockFest is described as a comprehensive competitive experience with head-to-head competition modes for online and offline challenges. Band Moments provides the whole band with a point boost for nailing certain note streams or playing songs in a specific way.

You’ll find a variety of songs from 85 bands on Guitar Hero 5. All of the songs will be ready to play from the first time Guitar Hero 5 is fired up. Kings of Leon, The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, Santana, Vampire Weekend, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan will all have songs in Guitar Hero 5. Activision promises more than 25 artists will make their video game debut with the fifth edition of Guitar Hero. In addition, you’ll be able to import all of the Guitar Hero World Tour tracks into this new game. Many of the songs will be updated to include the upgrades and enhancements of Guitar Hero 5. However, a limited number of songs will not be upgradeable, likely due to rights issues with Rock Band.

Activision has challenged itself to differentiate Guitar Hero 5 from previous offerings. This fall, we’ll know just how different version 5 is from the rest of the pack. With its new features, Guitar Hero 5 will attempt to compete with Rock Band. Time will tell how well it will succeed.