GTA: San Andreas Reimagined In Unreal Engine 5 Looks Stunning In Fan Made Concept Trailer

unreal gta sa grove street crew

The popular Grand Theft Auto franchise has pushed the envelope and had a massive impact on the open-world genre in the last 26 years, since its release. Not only becuase of its edgy, risque content, but visually as well. Of course, it hasn't always been smooth sailing, but most games in the series looked great and played well. One user felt GTA's visuals could be improved though, and decided to remake some parts of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in Unreal Engine 5.

TeaserPlay, the same creator who made their own Grand Theft Auto 6 and Vice City Previews in Unreal Engine 5, has also graced us with a gorgeous peek into how Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas could look with a modern game engine. The video is comprised of a smattering of cinematic cutscenes from the award-winning 2004 title.

YouTube Video of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in Unreal Engine Fan Concept

It's not clear what Unreal Engine 5 specific tech is used within the trailer, though some are relatively easy to spot. Things like real-time ray tracing are evident, as the reflections are realistic beautiful. However, an actual list of UE5 technologies employed in the creation of the trailer wasn't available.

While Unreal Engine 5 is an amazing upgrade from its predecessor, even breathing new visual life into long-standing titles like Fortnite, it is unlikely we'll ever see Rockstar make use of it, at least for its Grand Theft Auto Series. Currently, all reports indicate that Grand Theft Auto 6 leverages the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine version 9, also known as RAGE9.

unreal gta sa low rider
Screen Capture of CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas talking to friends and leaning on a car

That said, the GTA: San Andreas cinematics created in UE5 look breathtaking. Keep in mind, however, this is not a playable version of the game. TeaserPlay makes that abundantly clear in the video description, but it's still great to see some memorable moments recreated in a more visually appealing, modern medium. While we won't see GTA 6 in Unreal Engine, other developers like CD Projekt Red for example, have decided to move away from custom, in-house engines in favor of the UE for future titles.