GTA 6 'Project Americas' Rumors Point To 2022 Launch Date, Set In Vice City

GTA fans will be sad to read this latest rumor about the future of the franchise. According to sources claiming to know the plans at Rockstar, the next game in the franchise, widely expected to be called Grand Theft Auto 6, won't launch for years to come. Specifically, the launch is tipped for 2022, four years into the future.


Along with the tip on when the game might launch also comes rumor about where the game will be set. The game is said to be set again in the Rockstar version of south Florida called Vice City. The original Grand Theft Auto Vice City has been a favorite with gamers for the nearly perfect 1980's atmosphere that it provided complete with great music and nods to classic TV shows like Miami Vice and movies like Scarface. While the game is said to be set in Vice City, the rumor does claim that players will fly to South America for some of the missions. 

Another interesting tidbit is that the game will be the first in the series to feature a female character as one of the leads. It's unclear if the game will have fans switching characters as GTA5 did. The source of the leak claims that the game is known as Project Americas inside Rockstar. 

One thing that we don’t get any information on in this leak is what era the game might be set in. Whether the game returns to the '80s or takes a more modern approach to the setting is unknown.