Google Stadia Game Streaming Arrives For iPhone And iPad With Slick Workaround

stadia gaming
After first announcing its intentions last month, Google has made good on its promise to bring Stadia game streaming to iOS platforms (i.e. iPhone and iPad). However, because of restrictions that Apple has in placewith regards to game streaming apps in the App Store, Google's solution is more of a workaround.

Apple insists that every single game available through streaming services like Stadia or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate be downloaded directly to a device (which defeats the purpose of streaming), and that each game be reviewed by its App Store steam. Considering that this is an onerous task for gamers (and Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA, etc.), Google has decided instead to offer Stadia as a Progressive Web App (PWA) for the iPhone and iPad.

As such, you will simply need to point your iPhone or iPad to in Safari, after which you can use the Share shortcut at the bottom of the screen to choose "Add to Home Screen". Once you do that, you'll have an app on your Home Screen that will quickly send you into action with your favorite games available on Stadia.

google stadia controller claw

Now granted, playing games that were originally indented to be played on a big screen might be a bit challenging, to say the least, on a relatively small screen you'd find on an iPhone 12 mini or even the standard iPhone 12. However, we could see Stadia being a more fruitful proposition on a device like the iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro.

If you're not quite ready to jump with both feet in to Stadia right now on iOS, do know that Google offers a free tier of the service that you can try out. In addition, you can always take advantage of Stadia Pro courtesy of a free one-month trial. After that, you'll pay $9.99 per month.

In addition, there are two free-to-play games available as well -- Destiny 2, Super Bomberman R -- which will give you the opportunity to see if game streaming on a mobile device is right for you. You'll also want to have an internet connection of 10Mbps or higher to ensure the best performance.