Google Outlines Stadia Compatibility With PS4, Xbox, And Nintendo Switch Controllers

Microsoft And PlayStation Controllers
Google's ambitious cloud gaming platform called Stadia is only a few days away from launching to the public, and there are still many questions that have yet to be answered. That said, Google did answer some of them during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit yesterday. One of them was in regards to which controllers will work with Stadia.

Following the AMA session, Google updated its support pages to list exactly which controllers will (and will not) work with Stadia. Sony's DualShock 4 is one of them, as is Microsoft's Xbox One controller, both of which support USB and Bluetooth connectivity with Stadia on the desktop and through Pixel devices. Here's a look at the official list...

Stadia Controller Support Table
Source: Google

There are some caveats that Google mentions. They including the following...
  • Some of the controllers listed above may require additional drivers in order to properly function with Stadia on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and ChromeOS.
  • The “Home” button for the Xbox Adaptive Controller is not supported on Android, Linux, or ChromeOS.
  • The “Home” button for Xbox controllers on Windows may open the Windows Game bar when pressed, and thus is not supported by Stadia on Windows.
  • Bluetooth for Xbox One Wireless Controllers is not supported on Linux.
The above is also not an exhaustive list of controllers that can be used with Stadia, just the more popular ones. In addition, support further depends on the platform. Google breaks things down even further. Here's a look...

Stadia Controller Support
Source: Google

Google's own Stadia controller boasts the most robust support, as it is the only one listed that can be used on TVs through a Chromecast Ultra dongle. However, there are other controller options, depending on how you connect. Nintendo's Switch Pro controller, for example, can be used when playing Stadia on a Windows PC.

Outside of controller support, Google clarified several other details during its AMA session. Some of them are a bit disappointing. For example, only Chromecast Ultras that ship as part of a Stadia bundle will have the necessary firmware on launch day—existing Chromecast Ultra dongles that did not ship with Stadia will receive an over-the-air update "soon."

Google also clarified that Achievements will not be available at launch, though it looks like they will at least be tracked (and made visible through the UI sometime later).

Stadia launches on November 19 in 14 different territories with a dozen games at the outset. Stadia Pro subscribers will be able to play each one for no additional charge (beyond the subscription fee).