Steam Client Beta Adds Full Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Support, Here's How To Enable It

Steam gamers running the latest Steam Client Beta now have support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for use in Steam titles. This also includes support for the Pro's gyro functionality. Those motion controls will bring a new element to action and FPS games.

steam pro fps

To enable support for the Pro controller, you need to opt into the Steam Client Beta and first enable support globally by checking the box in "Controller Settings" that says "Switch Pro Configuration Support." That setting is on the same page where you would go in the client to enable support for PS4 and Xbox controllers. There is a toggle that allows you to "Use Nintendo Button Layout" that swaps the A/B and X/Y buttons of the configuration file you load. That bit is important if you are using a standard Steam Controller, Xbox controller, or standard template configuration file.

steam pro config

Once you enable the global support for the new controller, you will be able to create, share, and browse Switch Pro Controller configs on a per-game basis. After those options are set, you will be prompted to connect the controller and register it to your account. Users will want to run the initial calibration for the controller gyro by selecting the "calibrate" option under "Detected Controllers."

steam pro personal

Once calibration is complete, you can load or create a config file via the "Controller Configuration" option in the Manage Game screen for the game you are trying to play. Players can create config files that bind the gyro, add radial menus, create action sets, and other features. Community configs can be found by pressing X and browsing options. Once all this is done you are ready to launch and play your game. A press of the "Home" button will allow tweaks to be made to your configuration as you play.