Google Stadia Games Pre-Ordering, Family Sharing, Restrictions Revealed Ahead Of Nov 19 Launch

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The Google Stadia game streaming service is launching soon, and ahead of that launch comes some documentation that has turned up on reddit. The documentation includes the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy among other revelations. These documents give some hints at details of the service that were unknown before.

Users that visit the documents via Chrome on desktop or mobile are reportedly prompted to install Stadia. The installation of the progressive web app will give users faster access to manage settings or play a Stadia game. That app is assumed to be mostly for desktop PCs since there is already an Android app.

The URL for all the documents is listed as Stadia Beta, but that is likely to change when the service launches on the 19th. The Terms of Service (ToS) are giving some gamers pause as it bans any stream-ripping, stream capture, or similar software to copy any content, except in instances where there would be no copyright infringement. That latter part is said to cover general streaming.

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Documentation shows that pre-orders will be supported on Stadia, and there will be a Refund Policy. Those who do pre-order will be allowed to cancel their order if the price changes before the order is fulfilled. The documentation does talk about a Family Link feature that will allow each member to have their own progress and game saves. However, only one family member can play a game at a time. The code of conduct for the service gives Google the ability to suspend, limit, or revoke a user's access if they violate any conditions.

The documentation also notes that the service could be unavailable at times. Loss of service could be due to a service interruption, scheduled maintenance, or limited server capacity in the user's area. A short interruption, however, doesn't entitle users to a refund. The Google Stadia app landed over the weekend, and the service launches on November 19th.